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VPS Ubuntu 17.04

Ubuntu 17.04 was released on 13th of April and now it's available as a template to deploy your VPS at

Ubuntu 17.04 with code name Zesty Zapus is a stable release that will be supported for 9 months until January 2018. If you need Long Term Support, you are encouraged to use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS instead.

New Ubuntu uses systemd-resolved as the default DNS resolver. Fresh installs of Ubuntu 17.04 will no longer require a swap partition but will use a swapfile by default. So there is no more need to move partitions to change swap size. Zesty Zapus also comes with a newer version of linux kernel (4.10).

The new software updates for Ubuntu server include:

  • Qemu has been updated to the 2.8 release.
  • Libvirt has been updated to version 2.5
  • latest OpenStack release called Ocata