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Software rent

Why rent software?

Small and medium business, sooner or later faces the need to use IT-technologies, which, of course, include the software. There are several options for legal use of software: free software, purchase software or use of the leased software. Usage of freeware is often time-consuming and uncomfortable for end-user. Purchase of software is big capital investments.

By renting software we mean software as a service so you can use software legally without buying it.

The advantages of renting the software:

  • no large initial investment in software
  • rapid deployment
  • pay only for licenses used
  • legal usage

Rent Microsoft Software

Microsoft software is most common for office workers.

Using Microsoft software as a service, you get:

  • fixed fee
  • the most recent version of the product, there is no need to pay extra for the new version
  • a wide range of Microsoft software (Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Project, etc.)

Software as a service program allows you to use the version of software that you need. For example, Windows Server Standard 2003 R2, Windows Server Standard 2008, Windows Server Standard 2008 R2. Moreover, when a new version of Windows Server is released you will get it on the same terms, you do not have to worry about buying new versions of Microsoft software.

Ordering a virtual server, you can also order your desired software package.

How to use software as a service

We offer you a complete solution. When ordering a virtual server (VPS), you can also order your desired software package. Thus, you save both on the purchase of software and equipment.

The proposed scheme for software as a service solution for Microsoft Office

On VPS, server operating system (for example, Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2008 R2), RDS (Remote Desktop Service), and Microsoft Office Standard 2010 are installed. End-users (employees) connect to the Remote Desktop server and the server works with office software (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access). Depending on company policy and server settings, users can connect only from the office from anywhere.