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Secure your confidential data in VPS

Many people know that publishing information on leased virtual servers (VPS), is an inexpensive modern solution to protect information from unauthorized physical access to the server. In the case of penetration at the office, malefactor find nothing but the workstations of employees that do not store valuable information. But at the same time, some users fear that their sensitive data can be accessed by the provider of virtual servers. In such cases, you should use data encryption that protects information. This solution is optimal both in terms of reliability of stored information (the information is on a virtual server in the cloud in the data center that provides redundancy for equipment, power supply, communication channels) and in terms of confidentiality (no one can access to information without having a key to decrypt it).

Lets consider the example of the use of open source software truecrypt to protect the information on a Windows VPS. To download this program, please visit
After starting and accepting license conditions you need to select the install mode: install or just extract. For our purposes, the program can be used with any choice. Full installation is required if you intend to encrypt the system drive or to work with the program without administrator rights.

The program can be used either to encrypt a drive, or to create a single encrypted file which is mounted as a volume. The second method is more universal, since the file can easily be copied to any storage medium for the purpose of backup or data migration. You can mount this file as a volume on any device, using the program and the encryption key.

Start truecrypt:

Click Create Volume.

In Volume Creation Wizard choose Create an encrypted file container and click Next

Choose volume type: standard or hidden. When using hidden volume two volumes are created. The first one - standard where you can store some not valuable information. And the second one - where you can store your confidential data. If you are forced to give password to someone you can give password to standard volume and keep in secret password to hidden one. The existance of hidden volume cannot be defined or proved, so your data will be safe.

Choose any filename for encrypted volume:

Choose encryption and hash algorithms. In fact, all of the proposed program algorithms are secure. So if you are not an expert you can use default settings. 

Choose volume size (we have chosen 100 Mb):

Choose password. The more complicated is password the more secured is your information. 

Information: bruteforce password with 4 upper case letters, 4 lower case letters, 4 digits and 4 special characters a hacker will take about 7 million years. If you use some simple dictionary combination (like secret, qwerty, qazwsx, 12345, password, …) your password can be bruteforced in minutes.

Move mouse randomly to generate a random number and click format:

Volume successfully created.

To mount an encrypted volume select file, select drive letter and click Mount.

Enter your password:

Volume is mounted.

You can work with mounted encrypted volume as with usual volume and be sure that your information is secured.